The RH-Way to create

Resourceful Humans

100% Entrepreneurship

0% Bureaucracy




Networked Teams


Resourceful Humans

on all levels


The operating model to turn your organisation into an entrepreneurial network

The Management Way

The RH-Way creates a network of autonomous teams to get any meaningful mission done.

& The Technology

aiRH is the best tool to run your organisation as an entrepreneurial network.

What others are saying about The RH Way

David Marquet

The Way to creating Leaders at every level is The Way of Resourceful Humans!

David Marquet
Captain (retired)
USS Santa Fe
Author of the best-selling business book "Turn the Ship around"

The 100% Entrepreneurship | 0% bureaucracy
way of management


network structure


Leadership on
all levels


Total discipline
& innovation

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The way back to the future of the original startup

Innovation of the Year 2014 Human Resources Excellence Awards
Deutsche Telekom
Gary Hamel's Mixmashup Maverick Aproach

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about leaving outdated work structures behind and adopting the RH-Management Way

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about giving up control to create a networked team with our awesome tool for Performance | Feedback | Meetings

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about evolving from HR Business Partner to become a licensed HR KILLER and make HR the network designer

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staRHs Certification
for HR coaches and organisational professionals

Everyone is speaking about new ways of working, connectivity and agility. In real life however, there are still very few tools that actually enable you to work this way. staRHs is an exception, for it promotes this desired change.
You now can secure yourself with a unique selling point, by becoming certified to use this tool that enables your customers or organisation to lift positive feedback to the core of the company-culture.

Don’t miss out on this opportunity to include staRHs in your portfolio. The amount of certifications we give out is limited! With the certification, you will be able to offer your organisation staRHs independently and, for coaches and trainers, to complement your consulting offerings.


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